Good Afternoon Guilt-Ridden Gramercy Mom!

Like many of you, I’m a full-time working mother trying to balance a home, a job, and well… four kids.  For the last two days, my 6th grader has been out of school, seemingly sick unto death, and I have experienced the absolute mother lode of mother guilt.  You know how this works.  I cannot be two places at once and although I have ample support on all sides, I just can’t help myself.  I suffer the shame that simply accompanies being a mother with limits.  Yesterday, I spent the day at home with my sickly son, trying to accomplish what I could from my kitchen table, all the while worrying about my Bible students and all they weren’t learning about Pentecost and the Passover.  Simultaneously, I felt stricken because I was unable to sit all day on the couch, uninterrupted,  holding my son’s hand while spoon-feeding him homemade chicken soup (which I’ve never actually even made).  I awoke today acutely aware of all I did not do yesterday or the day before… which is why you, Gramercy mom, are on my mind.

May I just say this:  I don’t only think, I KNOW you are amazing!  I know you are doing more than one woman can do, and you are doing it well!  How do I know this?  Because I see your kids.  I see them every day coming to school on time, in clean, appropriate clothes that actually fit.  I see their cute, initial-embossed backpacks that you ordered from Amazon or stitched yourself (seriously?) and I see their happy, healthy faces eating the well-balanced, or at least well intentioned, lunch you packed.  I see that their homework is finished and I can tell you helped with that project on insects.  I watch you rushing in work attire to the soccer field and the volleyball court just so you don’t miss their ten minutes of playing time, and I watch you encourage them after the game when honestly, you just need someone to encourage you.  I hear the way your kids pray for you.  I hear how they thank God for you.  I read what they write about you and about how much you mean to them.  I’m not just saying you are great.  I have evidence.

It’s late October and I know you’re tired.  Furthermore, I know you are already thinking about Christmas and you feel behind, as if somehow those Christmas trees at Hobby Lobby are testifying against you and your inability to plan well, but I’m not buying it.  It takes a special kind of mom to raise the special kinds of kids I see walking our halls every day.  Keep up the good work, mom!  And the next time your kids roll their eyes at you or tell you how lame you are, tell them Ms. Withee says otherwise.

May God grant you a guilt-free evening of resting in Him!

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