What Happened to Quarter Three?

Is it just me or did the third quarter just disappear in a dust cloud of flu virus and freaky weather?  Wasn’t it just New Year’s Day?  Perhaps I shouldn’t even admit this, but on the first Monday after Spring Break, I actually asked one of my classes to tell me what they did over CHRISTMAS break.  I’m pretty sure they thought I was having a stroke.  Don’t worry, I played it off, but I think at least couple of them are onto me.  I know my own kids know.  They know their mom is barely keeping one step ahead of them as we literally sprint toward the end of yet another school year.  With Terra Nova testing, Field Day, prom, and graduation right around the corner, can we just pause for a moment  and catch our collective breath?

In just a few more weeks – and sunny, warm weeks at that! – we will be dropping weather-worn folders, a mass collection of homework papers, and yet another broken protractor into the dumpster on the way out of the GCS parking lot.  Our kids will be smiling and laughing, teachers will look a few years younger (a personal prayer), and I bet even a few parents will be joyfully embracing the idea of not having to pack lunches for a couple of months.  We will clean the classrooms, wash down the buses, and start on our list of summer repairs and improvements.  We will take a week, or maybe two, to think back over the 2017-2018 school year, and we will ponder what we did well and what we may have failed to accomplish.  And we will lift our eyes to heaven in gratitude for the faithfulness of God.  But before I find myself passed out on the finish line and while I am still able to put two words together in a sentence, I need to say a few things to the parents and students of Gramercy Christian School.  Thanks be to God, we have almost made it!

To the students of GCS, let me say this:  I am very proud of each and every one of you!  You have no idea what a blessing you are to the teachers and administration of our school. We know how smart and sweet and full of potential you really are!  We see in each of you the hand of a brilliant Creator who knit you together and who has amazing plans for your lives.  Finish strong and don’t be discouraged!  You have done very well this year!

To the parents of GCS, let me say this:  You are truly a joy!  We are grateful to be able to partner with you and we are thankful beyond adequate expression for your tireless commitment of time, talent, and resources.  There is no doubt that in the tyranny of the tasks at hand, we have failed to thank you enough, but we know that you are the ones who make our jobs possible!

As we shake our heads and dust third quarter off our boots, and as we look forward to the final stretch, I am reminded of what the Apostle Paul said to the tired Galatians:  “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9).  The good news, Gramercy family, is this:  The end is near!  And if instead of wishing you a feliz Cinco de Mayo I happen to say Happy Thanksgiving, please just hang on to that for next November.  It will be here before we know it!

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