Why School Choice Matters

School choice is defined as “a nationwide movement that empowers parents by enabling them to make the best possible choice for their children’s education.”  In the private school sector, school choice allows for publicly funded scholarship programs to redirect the flow of education funding for families.  Gramercy Christian School is a big proponent of school choice in North Carolina, and here’s why:

First, we believe parents are divinely equipped to make the wisest possible choices for their children.  Parents know their children better than a government, a school, or a teacher ever could, and thus parents are best able to choose a school that meets the individual needs of their individual child. 

Second, we believe it is the duty of any responsible government to invest in the future stability of the nation by providing for its children’s education. Currently, GCS has over 30 students receiving the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship, which makes their education at Gramercy an affordable option when it would not be so otherwise.  Many children whose families simply cannot afford a private, Christian education have been blessed by the availability of this scholarship money.  

Third, we believe it is the responsibility of any moral government to allow for diversity within its educational system, ensuring that schools are not simply factories aimed at producing one kind of citizen.  Allowing public money to follow a child into a private school arena ensures that the diversity of educational options will be as varied as the national populace itself.  

Opponents of school choice often argue that private schools are not performing to the standard of public schools and should therefore not be allowed public funding.  This argument is statistically untrue.  For example, Gramercy students consistently perform better than public school students on national standardized tests such as the PSAT and SAT.  

Matthew Ladner, senior research fellow at the Charles Koch Institute speaks to the viability and effectiveness of school choice in his rebuttal of a common myth about private school science education.

At Gramercy Christian School, we are committed to providing a quality education founded on the timeless principles of God’s Word.  We are grateful for a state government that supports our efforts through programs such as the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship, and we pray for God’s continued provision and protection as we partner with parents to educate the nation’s next generation of wise and godly leaders.  

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