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And so it Begins...

Thanksgiving came and went in a blur of family and food and I awoke Friday morning, November 24th, feeling as if I was already somehow behind.  All my noble thoughts of living bound by thanks and practicing what Charles Spurgeon calls "thanks-feeling" were swallowed up in the black hole of Black Friday. My neighbors, most of whom are retired, already had Christmas lights twinkling on their front porches and I'm pretty sure they were wondering, once again, if my house was going to be the only one devoid of any holiday cheer.   I keep trying to explain that all the life is on the inside. Black Friday bled into Cyber Monday and I spent most of that day deleting emails from random online companies trying to sell me more stuff.  I forced my kids to make Christmas lists, all the time wondering when our lives had become so prosperous that I now have to force my kids to come up with at least something they want.  I've done this before, which is why I have a brand new electric guitar that ha ...

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GCS- Raising a New Generation of Leaders

The United States of America and the world at large is crying out for a new kind of leader.  The presidential election of 2016 was enough to convince both Republicans and Democrats alike that our country is in sore need of leaders who are not only smart and savvy, but who are sincere and selfless as well. We need leaders who are willing to labor for more than just their own personal gain and gratification, leaders who will work to help solve some of the most serious problems facing the world today.  As we hear in the news everyday, the world is full of real issues affecting real people who desperately need real solutions, which is why we believe so strongly in Christian education.   Gramercy Christian School is not just raising the next generation of leaders.  We are partnering with parents and local churches to raise a generation of better leaders, young men and women who are grounded in solid biblical principle, who are committed to  serving others out of sincere love, and who ...

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Terra No... No... No... Va

After much ado and a few months late, Terra Nova scores went home with Lower School students yesterday and are available now for pick up in the GCS Office for Upper School.  As a teacher and administrator at Gramercy, I had the privilege of receiving all four of my children's scores yesterday afternoon and honestly, it was a rough evening and an even rougher morning at my house.  I blame Terra Nova and need to say something out loud.   Although test scores do teach us things about how we can improve teaching and learning at Gramercy and about the way our children's brains work, they do not define my children, nor do they rank my children as to which one is "smarter" or of more value to society.  In post-Terra Nova frustration, I spent my evening and morning trying to remind my children of this fundamental truth:  each one of them is fearfully and wonderfully made and God has a unique plan for each of their lives.  In His sovereignty, God has also designed and equipped their ...

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Defending the Truth

Winston Churchill made the the following statement regarding truth:  "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." As Christians, such a statement should make sense to us as truth is most certainly under attack, and not just in our country or society at large, but oftentimes in our schools, our churches and even our homes.  Even with the Word of God at our fingertips, it is sometimes difficult to discern what is true, and discerning truth apart from God's Word is nearly impossible.  Still, truth is of utmost importance to both our society and our sanity, which is why Christians are charged to defend the truth.  In fact, Jude 1:3 says this:  "Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God's holy people." On Saturday, November 18th, Emerald Isle Chapel by the Sea is hosting t ...

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GCS Fall Sports Final Update

Congratulations to our Girls JV and Varsity Volleyball and Boys Soccer Teams who completed their seasons this past weekend at the North Carolina Christian Athletic Association (NCCAA) State Tournament in Greenville.  The Tournament was hosted by Trinity Christian School and our athletes made us very proud in the way they represented both God and Gramercy.   Our JV Girls Volleyball Team, coached by Robert North and Jay Klosterman, were the Regular NCCAA Southern Division Champions and NCCAA State Tournament Champions.  Our boys Varsity Soccer Team, coached by Robert Hardin and Jeff Tyree, took 3rd place at the State Tournament and won the Christian Character Award.  Our Girls Varsity Volleyball, coached by Robert North and Jay Klosterman, were the Regular Season NCCAA Division Champions and NCCAA State Tournament Champions.   If you missed the excitement, our Varsity Girls Volleyball Team led Gramercy to a nail-biting win over Victory Christian Academy in the final moments ...

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