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Calling All Gramercy Alumni!

Calling ALL Gramercy Alumni:

Gramercy has a rich heritage and if you graduated from Gramercy, or attended Gramercy for a portion of your education, we would love to hear from you!  Your alumni contact information is requested. PLEASE CLICK HERE to provide current contact information, and be sure to include in the message box: The year you graduated from Gramercy and current vocation.  Please also follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest in Gramercy news.  Thank you!

Why Christian Education? - Is it Really Worth the Money?

This is the time of year when parents begin considering school options, especially if their child's current school is not meeting their academic, emotional, social, or spiritual needs.  I am a big proponent of Christian education and honestly, it is because I am seeing the benefits of having been committed to this educational philosophy for many years now.  My eldest son will be a Senior in high school next year and has been in Christian school for every year of his education thus far.  I suppose if I did the math on how much his schooling has cost, I might put my head in my hands at least for a moment and think briefly about the mortgage I could have made a dent in, or the trips I could have taken,  or the boat I might be enjoying every weekend.  The truth, however, is that I have never regretted even one dollar we have spent on Christian education, and I believe it is one of the best decisions we ever made as a family.   I grew up in  Texas and went all through the p ...

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Speaking of Good Dr's - Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

This morning at Gramercy in celebration of Dr. Seuss Day, our Kindergarten class presented our graduating Seniors with copies of Oh, the Places You'll Go!  It was so precious watching the bookends of our school sit together and read!  I have no doubt as graduation approaches, many of our Seniors' parents will be having vivid memories of their sons and daughters as they began school on that very first day.  Senior year, and especially graduation, is an emotional time for students and parents alike.  Although our sweet Kindergartners can hardly imagine being ready to graduate, our Seniors have the bittersweet gift of memory, and our prayer at GCS is that they will carry their memories of their time with us close to their hearts as they venture out into the world. More importantly, we pray they will carry the love of Jesus and the truth of God's Word and the reality of His Presence to all of the many places they may go.  Dr. Seuss's wish reads like this:  "You'll be on your way up ...

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