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I See You Military Mom

Yesterday was the 243rd birthday of the United States Marine Corps, and tomorrow is Veterans Day.  Flags are at half mast, and Monday is a national holiday.  On Friday, the kids of Gramercy Christian School, as well as most of the towns of Newport and Morehead City, NC,  stood on the side of Highway 70 as a motorcade passed by in honor of fallen soldier Sgt. James Slape.  We had a special chapel the same day in honor of our military heroes, both past and present.  Last week, my sister attended a celebratory Marine Corps Ball with her husband, who is a Colonel in the USMC, and  today at church our local body of believers honored the men and women who have given their time in service to our country.  And all of that is appropriate.  In fact, it's more than appropriate.  It's the very least we can do.   Although I was not raised in a military family, I have had some experience with the military.  I live in a military town.  I work at a school in a ...