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Upper School


Upper School curriculum is varied. The publishers listed with each course are a base textbook and not the whole of the curriculum. Science and History courses are supplemented to include key Christian resources that address the Christian worldview in relation to science (I.e., Creation, Intelligent Design, Divine providence, etc.). English classes also use a variety of individual literary works that correspond with its curricular expectations. Junior and Senior high students have the opportunity to take Dual Enrollment college courses through the community college as provided by the North Carolina Legislative Grant.

Listed below are all the courses offered at each grade level:

Grade 7

  • Math 7 (Saxon 8/7) or Pre-Algebra (Glencoe)
  • English 7 (Prentice Hall)
  • Bible 7 – Old Testament (CSI)
  • Science 7 (Prentice Hall)
  • Geography (Glencoe)
  • Fundamentals of Language 7 (Classical Roots)
  • Visual Art 7
  • Physical Education
  • Intermediate Band
  • Math Resource

Grade 8

  • Pre-Algebra or Algebra I (Glencoe)
  • English 8 (Prentice Hall)
  • Bible 8 – New Testament (CSI)
  • Science 8 (Glencoe)
  • American History I (McGraw Hill)
  • Fundamentals of Language 8 (Classical Roots)
  • Visual Art 8
  • Physical Education
  • Advanced Band
  • Math Resource

Grade 9

  • Algebra I or Honors Geometry (Glencoe)
  • English I or Honors English I (Prentice Hall)
  • Bible I: Old Testament Survey (CSI)
  • Environmental Science or Honors Physical Science (Glencoe)
  • American History II (McGraw Hill)
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Choice of Elective(s)

Grade 10

  • Geometry or Honors Algebra II  (Glencoe)
  • English II or Honors English II (Prentice Hall)
  • Bible II: New Testament Survey (CSI)
  • Biology (Prentice Hall)
  • World History  (BJU)
  • Foreign Language I (Sevenstar)  Languages Available:  Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish 
  • Choice of Elective(s)

Grade 11

  • Algebra II or Honors Pre-Calculus or Statistics(Glencoe)
  • English III (American Lit) or Honors English III (Prentice Hall)
  • Bible III: Nature and Characteristics and (J.I. Packer Knowing God)
  • Honors Chemistry or Conceptual Physics (Glencoe)
  • Civics (Glencoe)
  • Foreign Language II (Sevenstar) Languages Available:  Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish 
  • Choice of Elective(s)
  • Dual Enrollment in Community College courses

Grade 12

  • Honors Pre-Calculus or Honors Calculus or Statistics (Glencoe)
  • English IV (British Lit) or Honors English IV (Prentice Hall)
  • Bible IV:  Apologetics and Church History (Josh McDowell Evidence that Demands a Verdict)
  • Honors Chemistry or Honors Physics or Conceptual Physics (Glencoe)
  • Honors Foreign Language III (Sevenstar) Languages Available:  French, German, Latin, Spanish
  • Choice of Elective(s)
  • Senior Internship
  • Dual Enrollment in Community College courses

High School Electives *

  • Speech and Debate
  • Drama
  • Creative Writing
  • Financial Literacy
  • Intro to Health Sciences
  • Band
  • Art
  • Yearbook
  • Teacher’s Aid
  • Math Resource
  • Advanced Physical Education