Thinking Biblically

Recently, I spent a week in Chicago this summer at the ACSI Flourishing Schools Institute, and I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Sean McDowell speak on what it means “to think Christianly.” He said the following: “If we don’t intentionally teach kids a biblical worldview, they will unintentionally adopt the worldview of our secular culture.” What I appreciate about Mr. McDowell’s statement is the word intentionally. As anyone raising children knows, parenting in general requires a level of intentionality that can sometimes be exhausting. We often rise before we are ready, go to bed long after we should have, relearn math problems long since forgotten, have difficult conversations at the dinner table, and insist on certain activities and behaviors that push back against our children’s innate desires. Parenting is hard work, and biblical parenting is even more challenging. We must be intentional about it. The parental mandate God gives us in Deuteronomy 6 demands that we are actively participating in the discipleship of our children. Our theme verse for this year is Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” As we spend this school year diving deeper into this verse, I pray you will have many meaningful conversations with your children about what it means to really seek God’s Kingdom first. Let’s be intentional about teaching our kids to THINK biblically!

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