Intentional Discipleship

Recently during one of our morning devotions, we were reminded of the similar calling parents and teachers share, especially teachers in the Christian school environment. Dr. Tony Evans, in his parenting series entitled Raising Kingdom Kids, gives this definition of Kingdom parenting: “Kingdom parenting is intentionally overseeing the generational transfer of the faith in such a way that children learn to consistently live under the rule of God.” Dr. Evans explains that parenting is not merely a social enterprise. Rather, it is the responsibility to raise children in such a way that “the stamp of God” is on their hearts, so that the next generation reveals God’s likeness in human history. As Christian educators, we could not agree more, and this is the heartfelt mission of our school and the end goal of all Christian discipleship. As God’s Word reminds us, we are running a race (Hebrews 12:1-3), a generational relay of sorts, and it is our job to hand the baton of faith to the next generation in such a way as to help them take hold of it and run for the prize! As every parent knows, the culture is pushing back against the truths of Scripture and against the proven pathways of a life lived according to God’s Word. Without a doubt, our children are caught in the middle of a battle that wants to steal their attention, and more importantly perhaps, to steal their affection. If ever our children are to obey the greatest commandment, that they love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, we must be intentional as both parents and teachers to help them recognize the majesty and goodness of God! We must intentionally engage them in conversations about our Lord and about what He has done for us so that they might begin to desire His Kingdom above the failing kingdoms of this world. We must be intentional, consistent, and fully committed to the cause of Christ!

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