GCS- Raising a New Generation of Leaders

The United States of America and the world at large is crying out for a new kind of leader.  The presidential election of 2016 was enough to convince both Republicans and Democrats alike that our country is in sore need of leaders who are not only smart and savvy, but who are sincere and selfless as well. We need leaders who are willing to labor for more than just their own personal gain and gratification, leaders who will work to help solve some of the most serious problems facing the world today.  As we hear in the news everyday, the world is full of real issues affecting real people who desperately need real solutions, which is why we believe so strongly in Christian education.

Gramercy Christian School is not just raising the next generation of leaders.  We are partnering with parents and local churches to raise a generation of better leaders, young men and women who are grounded in solid biblical principle, who are committed to  serving others out of sincere love, and who are using their God-given talents to create innovative solutions to difficult problems at local, national, and global levels. In essence, we are teaching, training, and helping equip the next generation of students to obey the Great Commission given by Christ in Matthew 28.

In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded His disciples not only to go into all the world and preach the good news of the Gospel, but to do so with passion and purpose.  He commanded His followers to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a hurting world and to point that world back to God.  Even further, Jesus promised that He would teach, train, and equip His people with all kinds of wisdom and gifts, not to mention the empowering of the Holy Spirit, to accomplish this great task.  As teachers and administrators, our vision at Gramercy is to instruct, establish, and send out wise, winsome, hard-working, and willing servants of Christ who use their lives for good and for God’s glory whether they do it at Walmart or on Wall Street, in Newport or in Papua New Guinea, as mechanics or ministers, engineers or educators.

John Maxwell said this about leadership and it is certainly true:  “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” and it is to this end that we labor.  Oh, that we might raise a new generation of godly leaders!  

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