GCS Warrior Club Supports Arts, Music, and Athletics!

The Gramercy Booster Club, otherwise known as the Warrior Club, met for the first time last week to discuss upcoming events and how parents and grandparents can get involved and support Gramercy students.  Whereas most school Booster Clubs are centered around athletics, GCS is a little different. Our Warrior Club members help raise money for athletics, art, music, and drama.  In fact, the Warrior Club has contributed over $35,000 in financial support to help build drama sets, provide art materials, promote the music department, and purchase athletic equipment and uniforms. Recently, the Booster Club provided funds for a state-of-the-art Noah Basketball system, a system that Gramercy can use to enhance the performance of our own GCS players and also use in the community for both outreach and fundraising.  In fact, the GCS Warrior Club enriches the quality of student life for all students, Kindergarten through 12th grade.  

The mission of the GCS Warrior Club is “to partner with Gramercy Christian School to prayerfully and financially support the Gramercy Athletic Department, fine arts programs and other extracurricular clubs. The club will promote and encourage school spirit within the school, among alumni, and throughout surrounding communities.”

The Warrior Club raises funds through membership and other fundraising efforts throughout the year, with the primary fundraising effort being the annual Warrior Run.  The 2017 Warrior Run is scheduled for November 3rd and we encourage family members to get involved.  The Warrior Run is a school-wide event that allows family and friends to sponsor a student and contribute funds based on how many laps the student runs or walks. Keep your eyes open for more information about the Warrior Run and be sure to come out and join us!

In the meantime, consider becoming a GCS Warrior Club member.  GCS Warrior Club offers two levels of membership as well as three sponsorship levels.  It’s easy to join and the benefits for you are only outweighed by the benefit to our students.  If you are interested in becoming a Warrior Club member, you can contact the office at gcsoffice.k12@gmail.com or call Jay Klosterman at 252-917-3253.

Thank you GCS Warrior Club for supporting Gramercy Christian School!

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