Gramercy Kindergarten Class Begins Week Two!

Although they may look too little to even carry a backpack, the new Kindergarten class at Gramercy had a wonderful first week of getting to know one another both in and out of the classroom.  These little guys came to school sporting crisp uniforms, new shoes, and a variety of lunchboxes and burst onto our campus full of energy and possibly a little fear and trembling.  They enjoyed one full week of half days and today, they begin the school year in full-force. Our new Kindergarten teacher, Andrea Purvis, brings a joyful exuberance to all she does and is a welcome addition to the GCS family. I had the privilege of sitting in on Mrs. Purvis’s class while she read aloud to the students and I watched their faces light up as she helped bring a little unicorn to life through the power of the spoken word.  I am convinced there is little we do that is more valuable than giving these children a sincere love of reading and later in the year, our 5th graders will pair up with the Kindergarten class for our “Reading Buddies” program.  Having or being a reading buddy allows both classes to enjoy the pleasure and benefit that comes from a shared reading experience and gives both grades very important reading practice.

The new Kindergarten class is made up of nine little people and a few stuffed animals that made their way happily into the reading circle as well. Stuffed animals are allowed to join so long as they stay quiet, a fact some students were required to reinforce when their furry friends made a little too much noise.

As our Kindergarten class begins the long haul of making their way through an entire school year, I am reminded of something a wise friend of mine told me years ago when my own children were very small. She said, “Kara, enjoy your children because although some days may feel like an eternity, the years fly by,” and nothing could be more true!  My 17 year old son is a glaring reminder every day that all too soon they trade their toy cars for a Toyota and instead of me saying, “be quiet, eat your supper, and go to bed,” I am now saying, “wake up, stop eating, and please talk to me!”

Gramercy Christian School welcomes our Kindergarten class of 2017-2018 and we look forward to watching these little guys and ladies grow in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and men.

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